Sarah (sass) Biscarra-Dilley is, according to her mother, half-Mexican and half-criminal. A multi-disciplinary artist, weaver, tortillera and witch, her work explores the spaces between the worlds; between ancestral lines, between gender and gender roles, between past and present, between sacred space and living space, between personal authority and collective responsibility, between solemn attention and necessary irreverence. She likes dry heat, datura blossoms, musty textiles, strong coffee, tight skirts and sharp tongues. She lives in San Francisco below the mountains and above the sea.

featuring the worldly vessels of the ass-trally projected members of black salt collective

at ʔitiašup

my face in art history class when the teacher explains Jackson Pollock’s work as related to “Indian Sand Painting” #settlercolonialism #wowmuchpollockveryindiansandpainting (at San Francisco Art Institute)

can people wrap it up with this “indian summer” crap? because, let’s be real, if one considers whose lands we are on, they’re ALL “indian seasons.”

27.Aug.14 3 weeks ago

"please thank you i’m sorry"



original stock footage courtesy of prelinger archives

other footage from BLACK SALT: the initiation

thanks for nothing BIA

15.Aug.14 1 month ago

take me back to the land of fast ass iguanas and passionfruit margaritas

#blacksaltcollective the cristalino collaborations (at mišupašup)

prayers for a friend (at mišupašup)