Sarah (sass) Biscarra-Dilley is, according to her mother, half-Mexican and half-criminal. A multi-disciplinary artist, weaver, tortillera and witch, her work explores the spaces between the worlds; between ancestral lines, between gender and gender roles, between past and present, between sacred space and living space, between personal authority and collective responsibility, between solemn attention and necessary irreverence. She likes dry heat, datura blossoms, musty textiles, strong coffee, tight skirts and sharp tongues. She lives in San Francisco below the mountains and above the sea.


photo by @ramdasha

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Black Salt Q&A at RADAR

Edited link of performance coming soon !

#blacksaltcollective performing LIVE AND IN LIVING COLOR this wednesday at the sf public library main branch (100 larkin), 6pm. part of the RADAR reading series

our constellations in communion! thanks @nofortunebishop for crafting some limited edition letterpress posters for #blacksaltcollective

mi reina @adeeroberson in the sherbet sunset of her mind (at mišupašup)

#blacksaltcollective got tossed around in the wind yesterday. photo by @ramdasha (at ʔalapayašup)

white sands hallucinogenic neon bikini pinup #blacksaltcollective #whatididonmysummervacation #drawmelikeoneofyourfrenchgirls (mask by @gracerosarioo ) (at mišupašup)



dine rain god (a prankster), yei mask, dad (olen perkins), and grace rosario perkins (video stills from black salt collective’s “the initiation” project)

(via blacksaltcollective)

26.Feb.14 1 month ago